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Lauren Asam

When were you diagnosed? 

I was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia as a baby and was put into a corrective harness, and after about 6 months they told me I was fine. I had pain again at 9 years old but the doctor told me it was a pulled muscle. I found a new doctor, and was rediagnosed at age 12.


What were the symptoms and events that made you go to the doctors/ hospital?

The reason I went to the doctor was because of a labrum tear that occurred in a soccer game (inner groin pain, limp, hip instability). It wasn't until later that I started to experience other symptoms.


What did the doctor do to diagnose you?

The doctor took an X-ray of both hips and an MRI of my left hip (where my pain was at the time) to diagnose me.


What did the doctor recommend?

The doctor recommended surgery, physical therapy and a cortisone injection.


What has been the biggest struggle?

The biggest struggle was when I was 9 and I finished physical therapy for my "pulled muscle", they told me I was faking the pain. It took a while to find someone who believed me.


What has been the best thing? 

The best part of having Hip Dysplasia is growing as a person. I learned to cope with pain, and as a result I became much stronger.


If you could change one thing about your whole experience, what would it be?

One thing I would have changed about the experience is getting the surgery earlier in life.


How did people react?

People around me didn't believe I was in pain.


Scariest moment?

The scariest moment was definetly waking up from the PAO surgery. I was in an immense amount of pain.


Do you use an aid?

I used crutches leading up to the surgery, and crutches and a wheelchair after the surgery.


What are your goals?

My biggest goal is to be able to run normally again so I can continue to play sports!


Has having DHD changed your outlook on the world?

Having Hip Dysplasia is definetly something to adapt to. In the beginning, I was negative and felt hopeless. Now that I have had corrective surgery I am way more positive and willing to advocate that it does get better!


What's one thing in the healthcare system that is a problem you would like to change?

One thing in my health care system I would change is the wait for surgery. I had to schedule my surgery six months ahead of time and it was very hard to wait when I was in that amount of pain.


What's one thing you would tell someone who has just found out they have DHD? 

One thing I would tell someone who was just diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia is that it does get better. With the right care, a pain free life is possible. Also, it may be hard, but advocate for yourself as much as possible. Nobody knows your body as well as you do!!


What's one thing you would tell an able-bodied person?  

One thing I would tell an able-bodied person is that pain can vary from day to day. Some days, you can be in so much pain that you can't walk, and the next you can feel virtually painless and go for a jog. One last note is to never discount somebody else's pain.