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5 things you need before & after surgery

Surgery is a big thing and people forget to prepare things most of the time, especially if its their first surgery. Here is a list of items you will need before and after an operation. 


1- A journal. Having surgery is a big thing and its great to write down your thoughts and notes about the surgery so that you can remember them later. I usually write down what medications I'm on, how I'm sleeping, what exercises I'm doing, etc 

2- Any equipment you need (shower chair, toilet chair, crutches, wheelchair, walker, monkey bar)

3- Someone to help you get ready and someone to be there after surgery. You will need a support system. They are a crucial part of recovery. 

4- Go and do any activities that you won’t be able to for a while. This way you won't be craving to move as much and you can get it out of your system. 

5- Research about the surgery and other peoples experiences. Some people find research very anxiety provoking but others, like myself, find it a great way to get ready for whats coming and to be informed.  (if your here and reading this, your doing a good job!) 


1- Loose, soft and super comfortable clothes. 

2- Make your bed a pillow castle. Load up with blankets, pillows and teddy bears. They will keep you comfortable and surrounded with warmth and plushness. 

3- Television shows and movies. House md, Criminal minds and greys anatomy kept me entertained while I was bed bound.  

4- Move the surgical site and keep it clean. This will prevent any infections or any other complications. Make sure to follow the steps that your doctor has given you but don't do too much too soon. 

5- Food you can easily prepare and eat. Soft, squishy and warm are the main three things to look for. Mac & cheese, soup, sandwiches, etc. 

Also remember, your much stronger than you think, your body can do anything, its your mind you need to take care of.