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The Medication Debate

People feel guilty for taking medication & I don't think they should.

Think of it like having a friend.
Medicine can support you, help you, take away some pain and let you have a good life.
Just like how some people can do it on their own, other people need some support. 
Taking medication is letting something help you and it's like letting someone in, it's BRAVE.
To admit you do need some help and then not feel guilty, that's BRAVE. 
So don't feel guilt or anger towards yourself, feel proud that you are letting something help you.

It's been a big debate in the spoonie world recently and as a medication taker I really wanted to put in my two cents.

Of course I respect people who don't take medication but I want to let people know that it's perfectly acceptable to take medication.

Remember that just because one thing works for you, doesn't mean it will work for someone else.