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Progress..... (woohooo!!!)

Friday, May 13 2016

Over the past few weeks I have been seeing great progress in physiotherapy and I'm so happy. 

Over the past 3-4 years I have attempted to recover around 5 times but this time feels different. It finally isn't just recovering or building muscle while waiting for the next surgery, its recovering to have a better quality of life. 

In physiotherapy we have been working on my walking and doing whats called gait training. We take videos every few weeks and I try to compare the old videos to the new ones every few months. This helps because when you are doing something that happens very slowly, e.g. working out, its difficult to see the big changes and how much progress you have made and sometimes it feels like you haven't made any which is frustrating. 

But I finally looked back on a video and realised how much better my walking is. I'm not waddling like a duck and my walking just looks better in general. I've also been getting lovely comments from people who are noticing the difference. 

I'm slowly getting stronger and my nerve pain is so, so much better. 

All of this is making me so happy because I have been working really hard and doing my program every day, so to finally see it paying off it great. 

But I can imagine that one day in the future I won't be motivated so to future Mikayla, keep going. Look at how far you have come, watch an old video, think about all the amazing gains you've made and believe people when they say you are doing well.  

Keep going and you will get there.