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Nerve Block And Hospital Admission 27/2/16

Its been 3 weeks since my last hospital admission and I was wanting to give a little update. 

I was in the middle of a big nerve flare when my parents called my surgeon and he agreed some intervention was needed. He arranged for me to be admitted into the hospital and then be given ketamine, a pain relief drug stronger than morphine. Once I arrived at the hospital I was given a room, the doctor was called to put my IV in and the nurses had ordered the ketamine. Getting the cannula in was difficult because I was dehydrated but the doctor managed and then the nurse hooked up the ketamine. The plan was to increase my dosage by 1ml every day until the pain was under control. When you finally get pain relief every day is easier than the next. So slowly the pain dissipated over the days and I was being given 5mls an hour by the fourth day. 

At this point I met my new acute pain doctor, who agreed to take my case, and whenever I need to be admitted he has the rights to admit me and put me on Ketamine. He was lovely and was really pleased that I'm vegetarian because meat, dairy and wheat raise the bodies inflammatory markers and my body reacts very badly to inflammation. He also changed my medications. I was taking Lyrica (pain), Melatonin (sleep), Fluoxetine (anti-depressant) and Palexia (another for pain). Now I’m on Lyrica and Endep (for pain, anti-depressant and sleep). Over all I was really happy with his new doctor. 

On the third day of my admission I was taken by ambulance to a different hospital to have a nerve block done on my Sciatic nerve. The procedure went as planned and I got to have a couple of hours sleep whilst waiting for the ambulance to come back and take me back to the other hospital !

Once I was up to 5ml’s an hour of Ketamine and the doctor was happy with how I was reacting they started to wean me off of it. My veins tissued (burst pretty much) four times and Dr. Death as I like to call him, managed to let the fluid leak into my tissue until there was a big bubble under my skin, it hurt ! 

After a very long 8 days, not much sleep, my birthday, 1 surprise party and a lot of Ketamine, I was able to go home. 

Since then I have done very well. I have been going to lots of school, getting my homework done and playing with my dog, Candy. 

Thanks for reading this very long post, 

Mikayla xoxo 

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